Conference and Events

Aderet Balcony

Leads from the Aderet Hall, ideal for Spring and Summer Events, serving as an outside area which faces the entrance to the City.

Cocktail 100
Small Tables 100

Aderet Hall

Large spacious hall, marble floors, large balcony facing the Judean Mountains. Ideal for Weddings and Ceremonies, Events, and Conferences.

Banquet 550
Cocktail 750
Theatre/Cinema 880

Alon Hall

Part of the Aderet Hall can be closed off to create a small intimate meeting room for private dinners or welcome cocktails.

Banquet 80
Cocktail 90
Royale 40
Theatre/Cinema 120 U Shape 60

Dekel Hall

Used for small meetings, ideal for Interviews as it has an adjoining room which can be used as a waiting area.

Royale 15
Theatre/Cinema 20

Golan Hall

Intimate, small lecture hall.

Cocktail 35
Royale 20
Theatre/Cinema 35

Noy Balcony

Outside area adjoining the Noy Hall, ideal for small receptions and cocktail parties for Spring and Summer.

Cocktail 80
Small Tables 80

Noy Hall

Recently renovated, including new carpeting
and black-out curtains, making the hall suitable for computer presentations.

Banquet 120
Cocktail 250
Royale 60
Theatre/Cinema 220
U Shape 80

Oren Hall

Suitable for small board meetings or small private cocktail parties.

Cocktail 100
Royale 40
Theatre/Cinema 90
U Shape 40

Yechiel Hall

Used as a Synagogue on Shabbat, but is also used for Conferences.

Cocktail 90
Royale 40
Theatre/Cinema 80
U Shape 40

Tavor Hall

Renovated with a stage in the center (for
lecturer, musicians, etc) and a large balcony facing the Judean Mountains. Ideal for Weddings and Ceremonies, Events, Conferences.

Banquet 220
Cocktail 400
Small Tables 350